Three Fruits and A Veggie Family Farm

Three Fruits and a Veggie Farm is a family effort. When Tchinina (also known as Grammie) started dreaming of a farm, her daughter, Rose, and son-in-law, Kelly, couldn’t help but dream a little too. Granddaughter, Maggie, is the veggie. This certified organic farm has three focuses community, sustainability and health. You can camp at the farm, pick blackberries and elderberries in season or learn in the demonstration garden. The farm's commercial kitchen and entertainment space is the perfect place to take a class on preserving food, making soap, jelly making and more!

On-Site Activities

  • Participate in FarmActivities



Take Hwy. 412 to exit #209, west of Sand Springs. You will exit at 209th W. Ave, the Prue exit. Turn N. for 14 miles. You will pass the road for Prue. When you see the blue-lettered, Lakeshore Heights, sign turn L./W. onto County Rd 1575. Go a little over 1 mile and take the first right onto County Rd 1577. Follow the curve for about a mile and look for a black mailbox with "549" on it. Just past the mailbox, turn R. into the driveway and follow it to the buildings.


Osage Northeast