Dancing Skeleton Meadery

Dancing Skeleton was founded in 2019 by mead maker Alex Long and is located in the heart of Sapulpa. Specializing in mead or 'honey wine', Dancing Skeleton Meadery offers a new style of beverage that can appeal to both wine and beer lovers. A common reaction they get when mead to new people is “I don’t like beer.” The perception is that mead is in the same category of beverages as ales and lagers (both are beers). Thus, for clarity Dancing Skeleton’s products are referred to as honey wine. But it is perfectly accurate and acceptable to refer to them as meads. Another common reaction they get when talking about honey wine is, “That sounds sweet”. While it can be sweet, it certainly does not have to be. It can be anywhere from completely dry (no sweetness, no sugars), to off-dry, semi-sweet, sweet, or dessert level sweetness. Dancing skeleton has a newly opened tasting room and hosts a variety of events such as Paint n Sip, trivias nights, and live music performances. 

On-Site Activities

  • Handicap Access
  • Motor coach/Bus Access
  • Event Spaces
  • Tasting Room




609b S Main St

Sapulpa, OK 74066

We are located in the plaza with Auto Zone and Little Caesar’s Pizza, on the North side of the building, next to the hair salon.


Sapulpa Northeast
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