Downing Brewery

Downing Brewery sits about a mile southeast of Hadley Mountain on the very rural nourthwest corner of Cherokee County. We’ve always seen good beer as woven into life, its beginnings and endings, and into all the joys and sorrows of families and friendships in between. The brewery is named after the location, an area once known as Downing, with Downing Cemetery just to our North and the old Downing school house to our South. Lewis Downing was the first Cherokee Chief after John Ross a few years after the Trail of Tears and is buried in the Haner-Adair Cemetery about seven miles north. We are seated next to two beautiful rings of cedar trees, once known to children as ‘the glade” which inspired our signature Glade Amber. Come sample the Amber or any of our other brews in the back-woods, family friendly atmosphere of beautiful north-western Cherokee county. We aren’t that easy to find, but the drive and brew will be worth your time!

On-Site Activities

  • Group Tours
  • Campfires/Picnics
  • Family Reunions
  • Meeting Facilities



From Locust Grove:

South on US 82 10.8M, West 640 Rd 5M, South on N4390 Rd 2.3M

W on 660 Rd .75 M. South on N 380 Rd .2M

5078 W 664 rd., Locust Grove, OK, United States, Oklahoma


Locust Grove Northeast
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