Talo by Ragtag Resilience

Talo (the Finnish word for "house") is an urban market farm and short-term stay property near downtown Bartlesville. Located in a quiet cul-de-sac, the property is styled as a classic Scandinavian farmhouse on the outside and minimalist design on the inside with bohemian flourishes throughout. All of the food grown on the property is done so using no-dig permaculture methodology, building soil health year by year and not using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. 

The "front yard" is a productive market garden and the backyard space is developing into a food forest and pollinator spaces. Talo is available for rental on AirBnb, with a maximum occupancy of six people. Each stay comes with farm fresh eggs, and seasonal produce is available for purchase so that guests can utilize the chef's kitchen and high-end appliances with the freshest ingredients possible!

The well-equipped chef's kitchen is ready to facilitate your next great meal, with seasonal produce available for purchase. Make sure to check inside the refrigerator for complimentary farm-fresh eggs from our happy hens! (usually available)

The front of the house is a market garden and is maintained by the host/owner Ragtag Resilience. The back yard is currently being transformed into a relaxing 'food forest' space, where additional amenities will be offered in the future.


  • Amanda Hakola
    • 971-237-1622


Near Bartlesville High School, less than two mile from Downtown Bartlesville.


Bartlesville Northeast
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