NEFF Brewing

NEFF Brewing, an independently-owned craft brewery located in downtown Tulsa at 3rd and Frankfort in a historical building called “The Dock” right between the Blue Dome and East Village Districts.NEFF has a large taproom with a “fast casual” restaurant that serves pub style food and a weekend brunch option as well as a large covered outdoor patio.

NEFF boasts 3 award winning beers including Raspberry Pride Fruited Kettle Sour, Apollo Blonde American Blonde Ale and Ignition Switch Belgian Pale Ale.

NEFF Brewing’s beers differ from other craft beers in a big craft market because they are brewed with a variety of grains and artisanal malts that are naturally gluten free.NEFF uses ancient grains of millet, buckwheat, rice, and quinoa, honing their recipes to brew beers that are allergen free yet still crafted for full flavor to compete well with “regular” craft beers in an increasingly competitive craft beer market.NEFF Brewing believes in inclusivity and strives to make it possible for everyone to have a place at the craft beer table and enjoy an elevated craft beer experience.NEFF beer is “Brewed for Everyone”®.

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  • Jonathan NEFF
    • 918-367-0640
  • Heidi McMullin
    • 918-900-3628
  • Aubrey Drake


We are located in downtown Tulsa at 3rd and Frankfort right around the corner from The Box Yard between the Blue Dome and East Village Districts. The easiest way to get to NEFF is by exiting 7th St. or 1st St downtown and heading to Frankfort Avenue.


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